Welcome To Emma Inks Studio Blog

Welcome To Emma Inks Studio Blog


Hope you're good and a big welcome to the new Emma Inks Studio blog.

Some of you may know me from around the web already, and for those of you who don't hey I'm Emma I'm the person behind the skull sketches. 

Before Emma Inks Studio I wrote an alternative lifestyle blog for 4 years but very recently gave that up to concentrate on building this alternative lifestyle brand from the ground up.

Though I've given up on being a lifestyle blogger I still wanted a place to communicate with you guys because without your support the dream of selling my art would not be possible. 

This blog is gonna be a place where I can keep you updated with my journey and products but more than that I want it to become a little creative hub where I share brands and people that are killing it right now. 

This post is just a short note to say hi and welcome but I'm so excited to kick off this space properly in the very near future... 


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