About Us

Wayward is a one woman show run by me, Emma!

I' ve always had a passion for creativity and after a decade of trying to follow a "traditional career path" at the end of 2017 it was time do things my way. I said goodbye to my amazing charity job to follow my long term dream of making art for a living.  

Greetings cards seemed like a great starting point, it's an awesome way to connect with others and spread a little love through art that's affordable.

I also used to hate greetings cards! I loved the thought behind each one I received but they seemed so disposable that was a main driver behind creating cards that are little art pieces that people might like to keep. 

Growing up in a single parent household art was a real luxury and most of what we had was made by me including many murals on my bedroom wall. That's why it was important to me to make art starting at a low price point.  

Making products that last is also another main focus for me. That's why I spend a stupid long time researching suppliers, for both quality and environmental reasons. 

Captain Planet has been a lifelong influence on my decisions making that's why I try and be as kind to the planet and people as possible. All packing is biodegradable or recyclable, I also use recycled paper, local suppliers and print to order where possible. I'm always learning, growing and trying to make improvements. 

Wayward - Has only been around since the start of 2020. It took me a while to land on a name that felt right and encapsulated the vibe of my work. The dictionary definition is "difficult to control or predict because of wilful behaviour." which sounds about right.

Wayward is a celebration of doing things your way. 

Due to my Wayward behaviour not even I know what direction my work will go in! I'm always exploring, learning and creating. Anything I do make is routed in my passion for travel, music and tattoos so will most likely still heavily feature themes of celebrating life and the inevitability of death, hence all the skulls and nature. 

Moving from East London to Edinburgh where I have my own studio at Coburg House means I now have the space to get experimental. Greetings cards will always be a part of my business but starting small has given me the confidence to make larger work and that will be my focus going forward.